Card fraud can happen to anyone, any time

Annalise Kempen, editor of Servamus magazine, discussing card fraud during a recent talk.

There is always a possibility that your bank card could be stolen or the information on it duplicated.

Annalise Kempen, editor of Servamus magazine, recently gave an informative talk at The Rotary Club of Krugersdorp to inform club and community members about card fraud. She also provided a number of useful tips and tricks you can use to protect yourself from card fraud.

Annalise urged the community to be extra vigilant about card fraud as it happens to everyone.

She highlighted the following ways in which card fraud can take place:

• Purchases over the internet

• Card skimming – when someone makes a copy of your card information by using a swiping device

• Lost or stolen cards

• Shoulder surfing

Community members who were present at the talk had many questions and Annalise had all the answers. One question asked was “How do you keep your PIN number safe?”. Annalise said you should always cover your PIN number and not use the same PIN number for all your accounts. She also highlighted the increase of crime in the area and informed members that even the most well-dressed people are the ones that will target you.

Annalise gave the following advice regarding card safety:

• Always check if you have received the correct card back from the retailer and the ATM

• Do not accept any help from anyone

• If something does not feel or look right, walk away

• Never let your card out of sight

The last point Annalise made was that if your card is swallowed at an ATM, do not leave the machine. Stop your card at the ATM or bank immediately. She also advised the public to register for a message service from the bank – this will allow customers to know their bank balance and notice if something does not look right.

“Remember, card fraud can happen to anyone, young or old,” said Annalise.

Annalise concluded by asking the community to follow these important tips to prevent them from becoming innocent victims of crime.

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Nadine Maré

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