Someday we will die – are you ready?

It always amazes me how serious people are at trying to be ready for things. None of us want to be ill but we have to have a medical aid. We don’t know if we will ever become old enough to retire but plans are put in place to prepare for retirement. We try to save for a rainy day while surviving today.

But very few people think about death. We don’t prepare for the one thing in life that is unavoidable. Yes, each one of us will die one day.

Recently we have had quite a few funerals at the church – a 44-year-old, a 48-year-old and a 56-year-old. None of them were old, none of them were sick. No cancer or any other dreaded decease. The families of these people were totally devastated.

It made me think of my own frailty. Someone is next. Not necessarily the oldest or the sickly person. It could be me, or, yes, you.

Three things are important to do in preparation for death. If you can do these three things today, you will be ready if death knocks on your door.

Make peace with God, make peace with others and make peace with yourself. Don’t be scared, be prepared.

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