The ANC needs a rude awakening

It appears as if the ANC no longer cares about the integrity of individuals it sends to parliament. It seems being honourable no longer forms part of the criteria. What has become of the former liberation movement?

The swearing in of the disgraced former Eskom boss, Brian Molefe, as an MP last week shows that the ANC doesn’t take voters seriously, and that the governing party totally disregards public opinion.

That said, Molefe has proven himself to be a good manager. His track-record speaks for itself. During his time at Eskom, he managed to stop load-shedding, which was costing the county a lot. He is also qualified, armed with a Masters degree in business leadership. So he can get a top job anywhere in the world.

But he has disqualified himself by allowing the Gupta family to use him for their own benefit. Apparently the Guptas have promised him the finance ministry position. Will he replace the embattled Pravin Gordhan? Only time will tell. It seems ambition has clouded his judgement.

Word has it that he will soon become the deputy minister of finance – the Hawks are busy investigating Mncebisi Jonas, the deputy finance minister. If he becomes the deputy minister of finance, he’s going to make life difficult for Gordhan, with the aim of pushing him out. This is Mafia style.

The ANC, which has good policies to address the country’s challenges, no longer serves the interests of the masses. The party serves the interests of its individual leaders. It also behaves as if it has a natural right to power.

According to political pundits, the ANC may lose the 2019 elections to the opposition parties, which will form a coalition. But Zuma’s party doesn’t seem to care, given its behaviour. In the party’s mind, it will still rule after 2019, because voters are loyal to it.

The ANC needs a rude awakening. Losing elections will force the governing party to reinvent itself and be a party that we know. But if it can lose elections, the chances of it making a comeback are very slim. And it will have no one to blame but itself.

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