Dysfunctional municipality impacts negatively on service delivery

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The DA Constituency Head for Mogale City, Alan Fuchs, is lashing out again, saying the dysfunctional West Rand District Municipality (WRDM) has been roundly criticised for poor service delivery by residents across the West Rand.

“The WRDM is meant to provide specific services such as emergency fire services, integrated development planning and after-hours service outage reporting to all councils on the West Rand. Recent media reports exposed the increased risk of fire, given that there is insufficient equipment, including fire trucks, to deal with emergency situations,” Fuchs said.

He further went on to say that a quote made by a WRDM representative, “I always tell my firemen, if there is a fire, and you don’t have a vehicle, you get on a bicycle and you pedal till you get there to help the people concerned”, is quite concerning.

Numerous residents of Mogale City have complained that the after-hours emergency number (107) mostly goes unanswered. Some residents say that the phone is occasionally picked up and immediately put down.

“This calls into question whether the responsible officials are in fact part of the ANC’s campaign of destabilisation against the Mogale City Municipality. Over and above poor service delivery, it has been reported that the West Rand District Municipality is technically insolvent.”

Fuchs feels that the proposal by the ANC that additional services be moved from local councils and centralised in the District Municipality is not only unlawful but is also a looming disaster in terms of service delivery.

“The West Rand Development Agency, an entity of the West Rand District, has been tasked with the economic development of the West Rand but has failed spectacularly and produced little of value.”

The News contacted the ANC West Rand’s spokesperson, Refentse Mangope, for feedback regarding Fuchs’ claims. He said the following:

“All the ANC-governed municipalities in the West Rand District have clear governance and administrative systems on how they attend to service delivery calls and it is our belief that the West Rand District has the same. So this specific enquiry on the allegations of poor service provision and a dysfunctional West Rand District Municipality is new to us, and what we know is that the DA and other opposition councillors in the West Rand District Municipality have a political obligation to engage specific departments and members of the Mayoral Committee on any issue they deem to be a challenge, especially on service delivery. “So the DA is once more advised to focus and direct their concerns to relevant governance structures and stop playing to the gallery.”

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