Mob justice for stolen Bibles

Kagiso Police Photo: File Photo/ Bianca Pindral

Kagiso Police arrested two suspects in Tshepisong, Kagiso on Friday, 24 February after they were rescued from an angry mob that was assaulting them.

It is alleged the police were contacted at about 2.40pm by community members who said they had apprehended two suspects, aged 19 and 20, who had allegedly broken into their homes and stolen their property.

Police members were dispatched to the location and upon arrival found a group of community members gathered around the two suspects. The suspects were lying on the ground bleeding from their many injuries. The community told the police the suspects had been stealing from them and demanded that they search their shack.

The police proceeded to the suspects’ shack and found curtains, camera stands, a tablet and seven Bibles which the suspects couldn’t account for.

They were arrested and detained at Kagiso Police Station on charges of possession of suspected stolen property. They are scheduled to appear in the Kagiso Magistrates’ Court today, 27 February.

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