[WATCH] DC of the week: Robber trapped inside store arrested

A CCTV image grab of the suspect, stuck inside the shop he intended robbing.

A 23-year-old suspect was arrested last week after he was allegedly trapped inside the shop he was intending to rob.

The suspect gained entry into the shop through the roof and could, for some reason, not get out again.

The security guards stationed outside the shop reported that the shop’s alarm went off at about 4.40am. They investigated and found the suspect trapped inside.

The guards informed the owner, who in turn went to the scene, arriving at about 5am. He then contacted the Kagiso Police. They arrived shortly after and arrested the man who was still trapped inside, and then took him to the Kagiso Police Station.

A case of business robbery was opened against the man and he was formally charged.

He made a brief appearance in the Kagiso Magistrates’ Court and was remanded in custody for a formal bail application.

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Bianca Pindral

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