From soccer fanatic to BCom graduate

Up and coming soccer star Dannyboy Motshaone. Photo: Submitted.

It was Nelson Mandela who said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Kagiso-born Dannyboy Motshaone is just one of the many young South Africans who are using the power of education to change their circumstances.

Dannyboy was faced with the challenge that many of the youth face – a lack of funding for further education after completing matric.

This soccer fanatic, who was a participant in the Tsogo Sun Soccer Academy, had an immense passion to pursue a career in Marketing and Branding, but due to funding challenges he had to put his passion on hold and opt for a part-time job as a sales consultant at a local retailer.

During this time, his passion for working with people grew and he made the decision to pursue his studies by enrolling for a BCom Marketing degree at the University of Johannesburg. Fees were still an issue, but he would do whatever it took to cover these costs. The timing seemed too good to be true when he saw that Silverstar Casino was offering an educational bursary to one young person who was truly passionate about seeking further studies, and wished to secure a bright future.

“When Dannyboy approached us for funding, the passion he had was tangible and he had a certain drive in his eyes. It humbled us, and so we proudly offered him the support and ensured he was able to complete his marketing degree. At Silverstar we are committed to empowering our local residents. This is just one success story that leaves us wanting to see even more successes in the community,” said Shane Collinson, Director of Operations and Complex General Manager at Silverstar Casino.

The Silverstar bursary offered to Dannyboy covered all his costs, from registration and tuition fees to accommodation costs and textbook requirements, ensuring that he didn’t have to worry about his finances and could focus on his studies. He was also given a tablet to enable access to study material, as well as a monthly allowance to cover any personal needs.

Through consistent hard work and with the financial support of Silverstar, Dannyboy celebrated the completion of his three-year degree at the end of 2016.

Shane continued, saying, “We wish Dannyboy all the best in his future endeavours and look forward to seeing him succeed in a career that he clearly is so passionate about.”

“From the bottom of my heart I thank Silverstar Casino for the opportunity they have given me. My dream was always to further my education and make my family, especially my grandmother, proud. After watching her struggle to raise me and my siblings, I want to be able to give back to her and support her. Being the first to graduate in my family, I hope that my story will inspire my other family members and the youth to not give up on their dreams,” said Dannyboy

Dannyboy plans to continue his studies and enrol for an Honours degree in finance, because of his other passion for accounting. Furthermore, he plans to assist his community, help with mentoring eager young children like his former self, and aid in getting the funding and education they need to turn their lives around.

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