ANC sabotages another council meeting – FF+

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Another attempt by the Mogale City multi-party government to formalise procedures, get the necessary structures in place and address problem issues was sabotaged by the ANC Speaker.

This according to councillor Amanda de Lange of the Freedom Front Plus, which is part of the multi-party government in Mogale City.

Despite the recent visit from the Gauteng MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Paul Mashatile and his delegation during which he undertook to resolve the issue of the ANC persistently undermining the council’s daily operations, nothing has been done yet.

According to De Lange the Speaker clearly favoured the ANC councillors in the meeting held on Friday, 10 February by deliberately allowing the ANC to bully and intimidate the governing parties with defamatory comments and refusing to allow multi-party government councillors to address the Speaker.

De Lange said she attempted to address the Speaker on a point of order on a number of occasions but the Speaker refused to allow her to speak.

“The ANC is desperate to disrupt the municipal operations and service delivery in order to force the MEC to place Mogale City under administration as this is the only way the ANC can regain power over the City” said De Lange.

“This is a pathetic attempt and a sign of sore losers. They are willing to destroy Mogale City completely as long as they get their hands on the purse again.”

She said when they realised they were not going to get the upper hand in the coalition majority, the ANC councillors complained that they felt ‘unsafe’ due to the chanting public on the gallery who also got annoyed with the Speaker and ANC councillors’ deliberate attempts to derail the council meeting.

“The Speaker used this to quickly adjourn the meeting, resulting in absolutely no resolutions or decisions being adopted.”

De Lange emphasised that the ANC will not be allowed to get away with this deliberately sabotaging council meetings and holding the City and its residents to ransom to satisfy their hunger for power.

She confirmed that charges will be laid with Mashatile at Gauteng Province against the relevant people. The MEC will be forced to act or face action against himself and the Mogale City ANC.

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