More law-breakers cornered by traffic department

The children crossing sign and a no stopping sign on the main road across from Pro-Practicum School.


Stop signs, big intersections and highways … you name it. They will be there.

After the News received numerous complaints about motorists putting other people’s lives in danger in and around Krugersdorp, journalist Nadine Maré and the Mogale City Traffic Department decided to investigate and take action.

First it was motorists skipping the stop street at an entrance near Krugersdorp High School. A video went viral and the traffic department acted on their promise of making sure motorists disobeying the law will be fined. Then other complaints started rolling in and the News was asked to take the traffic department to a stop street near the Pro-Practicum School, based in Luipaard Street, Krugersdorp.

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson, Papi Motaung, writing up a fine of R1 000 for a motorist who did not stop at the stop sign.

Several motorists skipped the stop sign without even slowing down. It was also clear that motorists did not adhere to the speed limit, which is 60 kilometres per hour, and sped over the zebra stripes meant for school children to use to cross the very busy road.

While the traffic department spokesperson, Papi Motaung, monitored the area, he also helped school children cross over the zebra stripes and educated motorists about the safety of children.

In a short space of time, Papi pulled several motorists over and fined them for not stopping at the stop sign. Taxis were also approached if they caused an obstruction in the road.

“People should not wait for us to be here before they obey the rules,” he said.

Mogale City Traffic Department wants to warn motorists and also encourage them to keep other motorists and pedestrians in mind while driving.

Papi’s final words on the subject were: “We will be there and if you disobey the law, you will regret it.”

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Motorists will regret not stopping in the future

Nadine Maré

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