Miracles inspire other people

During one of my early-morning walks, a jogger crossed the road to tell me an amazing story. She was so excited as she shared her story.

The lady, who is in her 50s, ran her first Comrades Marathon last year. Soon after she started the race, a part of the number pinned onto her top came loose and was scratching her arm. Desperate, she decided to pray. She asked God to give her a pin to fix her number properly onto her top.

Her eyes lit up as she told me that within a few hundred metres of the prayer going up, she spotted a pin lying in the road right in front of her. She quickly picked it up, fixed her number and continued her run. Why was it so special to her? Out of her entire race experience, this was the highlight. God heard her prayer and gave her what she asked for.

“Isn’t God wonderful?” she said. He answers our prayers even for a little thing – a pin.

Maybe that can be a lesson for all of us. If you can trust God for the little things, your faith will grow for the big miracles tomorrow.

Our miracles can inspire other people to pray.

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