Don’t forget what God has done for you

Mantras are short, powerful statements that can have a positive and powerful effect on your life’s journey and destination.

My personal mantra for 2017 may help you during the new year, “It is the perfect day for a miracle.” No matter what you feel like, or what your circumstances are, remind yourself that it is a perfect day for a miracle.

In Sunday School we sang a little song that agrees with this mantra. “If you believe, God will find a way, to perform a miracle for you each day.”

Maybe you desperately need a miracle right now. Read the Bible and remind yourself of all those amazing miracles. Blind eyes opened, deaf ears hearing, lame walking, even the dead were raised. Miracles were a real part of the Bible.

If you honestly look at your life, you’ll remember many miracles you have seen and experienced.

If God did miracles in Biblical times, if God did miracles in your past, why do you doubt Him now?

A miracle is a divine intervention of God in your life.

If you really need a miracle today, remind yourself of all your miracles. Don’t forget what God has done for you. God has not ever run out of miracles.

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