Motorists will regret not stopping in the future

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson, Papi Motaung, at the stop sign that is a major concern.

Motorists are still not stopping at the stop sign outside one of the entrances to Krugersdorp High School (KHS), even after an article was recently published about it. The News also made a video of how motorists simply just ignore the stop sign.

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KHS is very concerned about the safety of its learners before, during and after school hours. The school’s main concern is motorists, including members of the public and parents, who disregard the rules of the road.

The News met with Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson, Papi Motaung, on Monday, 23 January and showed him why KHS is so concerned.

“This is a severe situation,” Papi said.

During the visit at the school, News journalist Nadine Maré stood with Papi at the stop sign, and once again most motorists did not bother to stop. Papi was very angry, and told the News that he will give each and every motorist a fine if they do not stop at the sign, no matter who they are.

Papi also said that he will report the incident as soon as possible and request a traffic light first followed by removable speed bumps, and lastly place permanent speed bumps.

He also told the News that traffic officers will be assigned to patrol at the stop sign and motorists will be fined

R1 000 if they do not follow the rules of the road.

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