Remember to say thank you

God has no weaknesses but he definitely has things He likes and dislikes.

From a lifetime of experience and reading the Bible, I have some clear opinions about what God likes and dislikes. God hates complaining, criticising and fault-finding. God does not respond to a negative spirit. Some Christians are so negative – negative about the country, the politics, the weather, other people, even the church. They sit in an auditorium with 100 light bulbs and they count the six lights that are blown.

On the other hand, God loves a positive person. One of the most powerful words in my vocabulary was taught to me by my mommy. When I left the house she would often say, “Remember to say thank you”.

That one word has had such a powerful influence in my life. People are always more helpful, kinder and more forgiving to people who show appreciation. One word can open doors and soften a hard heart.

Nowhere does ‘thank you’ have a greater influence than in your relationship with God. If you want to double, triple or quadruple your blessings, just keep saying thank you for what you already have. God responds to people who say thank you all the time. If the most repeated word in your prayers is thank you, God will keep blessing you.

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