Mogale, still on holiday?

The grass in the park situated in Skreen Road has not been cut in three months.

Mogale City Local Municipality seems to have taken an extended holiday.

The News can not keep up with calls from frustrated residents complaining about long grass and potholes appearing all over Krugersdorp.

According to residents, the parks situated in Skreen Road, Silverfields, and Elliot Street, Noordheuwel Extention 4, are in a hideous condition, and children are unable to play there. An angry resident told the News that the grass has not been cut in three months, and that provides evidence for the belief that the local council has no pride.

A resident from Noordheuwel also made a video of the park in Elliot Street. The video shows people sleeping in the grass during the day and the resident claims that drug dealing and drinking also take place there.

“The equipment is in a hideous state,” resident JJ Pelser said.

The News decided to speak to Annette Fourie, a Member of the Mayoral Committee who forms part of the Environment Portfolio, about the situation. She responded, saying: “I am aware of the situation and we are busy fixing it. Grass is one of the less serious problems we are dealing with at the moment”.

She said the newly elected councillors are hard at work trying to rectify mistakes made by previous councillors. “This is in fact a long and ongoing process, and will take a while to fix.”

According to Fourie the main problem with the grass is the contractors. The contractors were on leave during the festive season and are therefore behind schedule. The main reason why the grass has not been cut in three months is because there is a list of places where grass needs to be cut first. The list starts with important places such as dangerous intersections, and the less important places follow. The grass will therefore only be cut a certain number of times per year, depending on where the place appears on the list.

The long grass in the Skreen Road park poses a threat for children wanting to play in the park and is in a hideous condition.

The long grass in the Skreen Road park poses a threat for children wanting to play in the park and is in a hideous condition.

“This is not an easy situation and no one can fix everything in such a short time,” Fourie said.

Fourie said further that the grass that is not being cut is an issue that can be fixed, residents should just be patient.

“The councillors feel that they also need a breather, as they have a very difficult and busy year behind them.”

For now, residents can accept the long grass, but the potholes are a major concern.

“This is an ongoing problem and with the heavy rains experienced over the past few weeks the number of potholes has increased, with some becoming bigger than they were previously. This problem is also being looked into and potholes are being fixed on a daily basis. We are very hopeful and constantly working to make Krugersdorp a better place,” Fourie concluded.

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