Faulty transformer leaves Krugersdorp powerless

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Residents are experiencing a power failure in several parts of Krugersdorp, but the problem is being worked on.

Upset and angry residents are flooding Facebook with posts asking why they do not have power.

Areas such as Wentworth Park, Monument, Kenmare, Silverfields, Noordheuwel, Factoria and Rangeview have no power. According to ward councillor Lynnette Zwankhuizen, the power failure is because of a problem with a transformer.

“The municipality is busy fixing the problem, but we cannot say how long it will be before residents will have power again,” said Lynnette.

The faulty transformer is at the Condale Substation. The foreman in charge on the site told councillor Annet Fourie that residents should be patient as the problem will take a while to repair.

As a result of the outage, several traffic lights are also out and that may cause traffic to back up this afternoon.The News will keep readers updated.

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