Police take a proactive approach this festive season

At Cradlestone Mall, trainee police officers were out in full force. Before they started patrolling, they put on an impressive drill. Photo: Submitted.

Local police are sending out a clear message to robbers looking to target malls this festive season: “We are ready for you!”.

After numerous malls throughout Gauteng were robbed during the first weekend of December, local police have stepped up their patrolling efforts in malls in Krugersdorp.

On Saturday, 3 and Sunday, 4 December, 80 police trainees from the Pretoria college put on an impressive exercise drill at Cradlestone Mall. Afterwards they made it very clear to shoppers and would-be criminals that they mean business when they scattered in different directions into the mall.

The mall’s security manager, Kobus Swiegers, said the demonstration formed part of their fight against crime during the festive period.

Since Monday, 5 December, 20 permanent police officers from the Johannesburg provincial offices have been patrolling the mall.

“This is a safety campaign focusing on visibility and awareness of opportunistic crime during this period,” said Kobus.

On Saturday, a number of trainees were also spotted at Key West Shopping Centre.

Key West’s Marketing Manager, Michelle Papastefanou, said the police regularly patrol the centre every year and especially with the festive season in full swing, the police drill create some much needed awareness and visibility.

“Management is thrilled that the police chose our centre in which to conduct training and patrols. We work closely with the police to ensure the safety of patrons, so these patrols are greatly encouraged and appreciated.”

The police will be doing routine patrols at all shopping centres during the rest of December.

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