Your example should be Christ’s example

Having children is probably the most educational experience in life. Watching the progress of little bodies and minds preparing for life is amazing.

As I watched my own children developing into adults, I learned so much. In fact, I believe that the largest part of learning is probably copying or imitating. Children watch their parents and then copy their behaviour. Little girls walk, talk, dress just like mommy. Little boys pattern their behaviour on dad’s example.

If we know that we are being watched, and that our little disciples are imitating us, we need to proceed with caution.

Kids do not have the ability to distinguish between good and bad behaviour. In fact, they cannot always distinguish between right and wrong.

Both Jesus and Paul in the Bible say something worth thinking about. Paul says, “Follow my example as I follow Christ’s example.”

In fact, in 1 Corinthians Paul uses the word “imitate”. It is the way we learn.

The warning today is for parents and politicians – millions of children are watching us.

Pastor Gerrit Mes

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