Mogale City Traffic Department promotes child safety

Mogale City Traffic Department spokesperson, Papi Motaung.

Mogale City Traffic Department will be monitoring vehicle drivers and how they transport children this festive season. The traffic department wants drivers of bakkies to stop transporting children on the back of their vehicles.

This new campaign is set to kick off in the first week of January during which officers around Mogale City will educate drivers, parents, teachers and scholars about the danger of such practices.

“The law states that school children and persons are not to be conveyed in goods compartments of a motor vehicle for a reward and no person shall on a public road convey school children in the goods compartment of a vehicle for a reward,” said Papi Motaung, spokesperson of the traffic department.

“Fines will be issued to drivers who choose to ignore the law and put the lives of our children at risk.

This responsibility does not only lie with traffic officers but extends to parents and communities to ensure that the law is respected and lives are not lost this festive season,” Papi told the News.

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Portia Mokowe
Journalist Intern

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