Listen to God’s voice

Some people are quick to say nothing in life is free.

I disagree. Advice is often free. You can get free advice from almost anyone, anywhere, on any subject. People love to give advice. Often we even give advice without being asked. The wonderful thing about advice is that you can offer it without knowing anything about the subject. Advice on matters of finance, health, relationships, even politics, is available on every street corner.

The problem with free advice is that there are consequences and even casualties.

There are no other areas in which free advice is more dangerous than the subject of religion. Everybody has an opinion and everybody is an expert. But if the advice you are getting is wrong and you lose your way, the consequences could be eternal.

We are all influenced by people around us, parents, peers and public figures. Some people are so eloquent, so confident that we expose ourselves to danger. Whom can you trust?

Here is a little verse in the Bible that may help you. Isaiah 30:21: “…your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it’.”

The key is to listen to God’s voice, not man’s.

Pastoor Gerrit Mes

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