‘Government and mines responsible for costs’ – DA

Alan Fuchs with local ward councillor Jakkie Naudé.

Times Live recently reported that Mogale City is one of the municipalities that might have to pay a large portion of the R10 billion bill for countering water pollution caused by acid mine drainage. However, Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM) denied any knowledge of such taxes.

According to the article, this was discussed at a City of Johannesburg environment and infrastructure services committee meeting in April.

Alan Fuchs, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Infrastructure Development and Constituency Head of Mogale City, told the News that it is imperative for all the role-players dealing with acid mine drainage issues to interact with each other “in order to have the same view of all the dynamics”.

MCLM spokesperson, Nkosana Zali, said the draft budget that was submitted to the people of Mogale City for comment, does not refer to AMD (acid mine drainage) taxes or such.

“Therefore we will tackle the matter when it is presented to us, and engage residents about it as a matter of course,” he said.

Fuchs added that lumping residents with additional costs relating to AMD would be unacceptable.

“We have to accept that someone has to pay for it. Residents should not have to pay for something that is not of their own doing. It is my view that government and the mines are responsible for this situation and should therefore bear the costs,” he said.

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