Woman fights off alleged armed robbers

Laetitia's gold bracelets were broken off her arms, leaving her bloodied and scarred.

Despite two armed men having attacked and assaulted her for her jewellery and car, Laetitia Smuts said she would not be victimised. She said her story should remind other woman to be vigilant, always.

On Monday, 7 March, two men, armed and persistent to take her jewellery, handbag and car, pounced on Smuts.

“I drove my car into the yard and as the gardener closed the gate behind me, a white car stopped at the end of the driveway in the street,” she told the News.

“Two men emerged and held the gardener at gunpoint, threatening him,” she said. The gardener managed to run away to look for help.

After the men had entered the yard, they shoved Smuts against the wall next to her car and demanded her car keys. After struggling with the suspects, one of them eventually bit her rings off her finger.

“When I realised they wanted to take my car, I fell backwards onto the car seat and started kicking frantically. One of them hit my knee with the gun, but they could not overpower me,” she remembered.

Smuts let out a scream and soon after, some of her neighbours arrived who then called the Sector 3 CPF and police. The suspects fled in a white car with some of Smuts’ valuables.

“Luckily I wore a scarf that day to disguise my son’s necklace,” she said. Smuts’ son was murdered in Hartbeespoort six years ago and the necklace has great sentimental value.

Smuts said she was not alone at home. Some of the building contract workers busy at her home allegedly had seen the incident playing out in front of them and yet “they did nothing to help me”.

Now, Smuts and her husband only employ workers who provide them with their identity documents.

“I am a bit scared after the incident. Some of my neighbours told me they had seen a white car in front of my house again after the incident. But I since have become a member of the CPF and encourage others to do the same,” she said.

In another incident in the same area, a woman was attacked outside her home on Saturday (5 March) when she allegedly was followed there after doing shopping at a nearby supermarket.

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The News reported that the woman was stopped in her tracks in Rant-en-Dal and ordered by a man to remove her jewellery and hand it over to him. After refusing, he showed and threatened her with the gun he was carrying on his hip. Another man reportedly approached the two and pepper-sprayed the woman. After leaving the woman in front of her house, the suspects drove off in a vehicle with her jewellery.

“I am not sure whether I was followed home from the shop or not,” Smuts said.

A case has been opened and police are investigating it.

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