Town swallows him again

A recovering Michael with his mother about a month ago.

Michael Botha, the beggar whom the News had reported about in July last year, has been spotted on the streets of Krugersdorp. This after four months in rehab and on his way to a new life.

“It has been over a month since I saw him,” said his mother, Antoinette Botha.

Michael will turn 25 in April and Antoinette said she cannot force her grown son to stay at home and watch his every move. But she still has hope for his recovery.

In mid January the News reported that Michael was on the road to a full recovery, but sadly a few days later he left home.

The News met with various of his supporters and family, who said he must have been too tempted when he returned to the drug-infested environment in Krugersdorp.

“If he had a better support programme, like going to regular meetings and therapy, after being released from rehab I believe things could have been different,” Antoinette added.

It is understood that funding towards Michael’s recovery dried up over time, resulting in his having to leave the rehabilitation clinic two months before completing the programme.

Michael’s family still has hope that he would become a successful young man.

The News has not been able to contact Michael yet.

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