Kudu rips through car’s roof in collision

Manus' red sedan collided with a kudu. He survived with minor injuries while the antelope unfortunately was killed on impact.

Manus Pieters, a Wentworth Park resident, was on his way to work over the weekend when he drove into a kudu that took off the entire roof of his sedan.

Hannetjie Pieters posted the incident on the Krugersdorp Community Forum Facebook-page where she also shared the photos of what her husband’s car looked like after the collision.

On Saturday morning, 4.50am, 56-year-old Manus was driving on the R400 (also known as the Satellite Road or Hartbeeshoek Road), as he has almost every day for the last seven years, when the estimated 200 kilogram kudu walked from the long grass onto the road.

“The moment he appeared from the grass was the moment I hit him. It happened very fast and there was no time to even react,” Manus told the News.

Hannetjie said the angels were protecting her husband. Manus agrees and said that he is very lucky to not have been seriously injured.

“But if there was someone in the passenger seat, they might not have been so lucky,” he said.

Manus, who was the only person in the car, speculates that his car will be written off by his insurance company.

As for the kudu, it was killed on impact and landed about 70 metres, according to bystanders’ speculation, in front of the sedan. Manus said the animal is know in the hunting community as a “Liewe Jesus bokkie who belongs to no one”.

Manus is glad he was not hurt after he hit a kudu on his way to Mooinooi in the North West.

Manus is glad he was not hurt after he hit a kudu on his way to Mooinooi in the North West.

“They normally wander between farms and sometime they do get hit when they cross the road,” he said.

Manus will take home the kudu’s horns while bystanders divide the meat.

When asked if he was concerned about the kudu being someone’s property, he argued that his car suffered damages that the owner of the animal would be responsible for.

The windscreen was dislodged and landed on Manus as he ducked instinctively. He called the ambulance himself and after 45 minutes was taken to hospital with minor injuries on his head, shoulder and arm.

In another related incident, last year the News reported on an accident involving a woman who drove into a cow on the R28.

Police spokesperson, Constable Lucky Matome, had said that stray animals are a problem, especially in the rural areas and that owners should take better care to make sure they do not wander off.

No one has yet claimed ownership of the kudu but Manus believes it was indeed “no one’s kudu”.

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