Eyewitness account of devastating house fire

Bystanders stood helplessly as the house burns to the ground.

Sky-high flames were seen in this morning’ s devastating house fire in Krugersdorp North.

“I was dropping my daughter off at school when I saw a huge billowing black cloud coming from a house in 1st Street, just around the corner from the school,” an eye witness, Leanne Johnson, said.

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Johnson then went to investigate to find the house on fire at around 7.30am this morning.

Photo: Martin Elsas.

Photo: Martin Elsas.

Onlookers and a security guard on the scene confirmed that the fire department was already contacted and that there was no-one in the house.

It took the West Rand Disaster Management and Mogale City Emergency Services somewhat 20 minutes to extinguish the burning house.

Bystanders on the scene were all asked to move back as they were concerned for their safety, especially as there might be gas bottles in the house which could explode.

“It was at this stage that the owner of the house arrived and seemed very shocked and overwhelmed.”

Another witness on the scene told the News that a two litre bottle was spotted under a nearby tree which contained what looked like a flammable substance.

It is believed the bottle was removed and placed there to prevent the fire from spreading even further.

Since the fire broke out, neighbours have taken to Facebook to ask for donations for the tenants of the house, Francois and Susan, who lost everything.

The house shortly after it caught fire.

The house shortly after it caught fire.

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) of Sector 3 is collecting donations on behalf of the residents of the house.

For more information or to donate contact CPF 3 Patrol Coordinator Roelof Rood on 083 516 8137.

Marizka Coetzer

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