[UPDATE] New details in horror shooting incident

Voster Street packed with police and paramedic vehicles following a mysterious shooting incident earlier this morning.

The News has just learned that the woman who was left in a critical condition following a shooting incident at her home this morning, sadly passed away at Leratong Hospital.

The News also received information that the shooting, which also claimed the life of her husband, was indeed a murder-suicide incident.

Initial article: Father dead and mother critically injured

Gwen Fouche allegedly shot her husband, Johan, before turning the gun on herself during a domestic violence incident in their home in Vorster Street.

According to unconfirmed reports, the couple was constantly fighting in a violent manner which may have led to the shooting.

Gwen contacted her son this morning, informing him that something terrible is happening at home and that he needs come over.

However, when he arrived at his parents’ house, his father was already dead and his mother critically wounded.

The house where the father was found dead and the mother in a critical condition following a mysterious shooting in Voster Street.

The house in Vorster Street where the father was found dead and the mother in a critical condition following a mysterious shooting.

Another allegation surfaced that a suicide note was later found in the house explaining the incident and Gwen’s allege abuse by her husband.

The younger son of the couple, who was not home or at school at the time of the incident, has since been placed in the care of a family member.

The News contacted the Krugersdorp Police for a statement regarding the allegations, but was instructed to refer the request for comment to the Provincial Police. The allegations, however, was confirmed by more than two reliable sources.

The News will publish the official comment as soon as it becomes available.

Marizka Coetzer

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