Young woman dead in bike accident

Accident scene where a young woman passed away.

A young woman was pronounced dead following a horrific bike accident in Rangeview yesterday (31 January).

The young woman, believed to be in her early twenties, was declared dead at the scene after a motorbike accident in Bell Drive.

Patrollers from the Sector 7 Community Policing Forum (CPF) responded to the accident to block off the road and help direct the traffic.

The motorcycle of the young woman following an accident.

The motorcycle of the young woman following an accident.

Witnesses described the accident as horrific and graphic due to the serious injuries the woman sustained.

Police, Mogale City Traffic and a forensic team were called to the scene and remained there until the late hours of the night until her body was removed from the street.

The cause of the accident is yet unknown and under police investigation.

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