Elderly woman tied-up in armed robbery

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Sector 4’s Community Policing Forum (CPF) patollers had a very eventful Saturday night in Wentworth Park this past weekend.

It is believed that the neighbour of an elderly woman noticed that her lights were burning later than usual. When she went to the boundary wall to inspect, she spotted a suspect in her neighbour’s yard busy making a run for it.

She quickly called for help over the two-way radio system.

However, the suspect then quickly pulled out of the driveway and slowly drove down Level Street with the vehicle’s lights off.

CPF responded swiftly to the call out and the CPF’s First Aid Medical Responders found the pensioner tied-up with a vest around her mouth and her legs tied with a scarf inside of her house, while a handful of other patrollers gave chase after the suspect.

They followed the suspect down Level Street, into Main Reef Road, into Barrat Road heading towards Chamdor Road.

In Michael Dames Street in Mindalore, a patroller witnessed the suspects throwing a neighbourhood cat from the moving vehicle.

Shortly after, the suspects fired a shot at patrollers and disappeared into the night as CPF 9 joined in the search for the suspects.

The pensioner was later taken to hospital for further medical treatment.

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