Chevone has been found

Chevone has been found, safe and sound.

After numerous search efforts following a mother’s desperate plea for her missing daughter, police finally found Chevone Gunter.

At approximately 9.30am this morning, the News received word that Chevone was found safe and unharmed by police in Carletonville.

According to her mother, Belinda Taylor, Chevone has been missing since 2 January (and not 24 December as previously stated) after visiting her father in Magaliesburg.

“That night I received the call stating that my daughter had died, I could not, sleep or eat for days on end,” Belinda told the News.

Police has not made any details available to the News, but once Belinda and Chevone have been reunited, a follow up report will be published.

19 January


It has been confirmed by police and a resident who had a ‘vision’ that Chevone Gunter, who has been missing for quite a while, is alive.

Chevone went missing after visiting her father in Magaliesburg earlier this month. Her mother, Belinda Taylor frantically took to social media for help.

She received a shocking phone call from an anonymous number stating that Chevone had been killed in an accident somewhere on the Krugersdorp/ Carletonville Road.

After Belinda posted an emotional plea for help on Facebook, the community responded wholeheartedly.


Chevone was allegedly spotted recently walking along Luipaard Street close to the McDonalds in the CBD.

Meanwhile following the initial article about the whereabouts of Chevone, Belinda received a Whatsapp message from a resident stating that they saw her in a vision, lying on a bed, shaking.

Colonel Van Staden from the Krugersdorp Police Detectives unit confirmed that Chevone has since her disappearance been positively identified in the Boons neighbourhood close to Magaliesburg and more recently making the rounds in Carletonville.

She has been missing for 17  days from her home in Nelspruit where she lives with her mother and her baby who will be turning one later this month.

According to her mother, Chevone went missing 2 January.

“I am overwhelmed and worried about her disappearance,” her mother told the News.

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