[VIDEO] Alleged teenage driver causes accident, drives off

What residents of Burgershoop saw on 16 January at about 7.50pm left them stunned.

Two people, allegedly minors, together with what seems to be an adult were filmed on a CCTV camera colliding with a car on the side of the road and then driving off. But what stunned them most is that the driver of the car was allegedly a young girl.

In the video a group of three people are seen standing on the pavement in Lagois Street. They finally climb into a white hatchback, take a while to get the vehicle moving and when it finally does move, the driver collides straight into the back of another parked vehicle.

After assessing the damage, the two passengers and driver climb back into the car and drive off.

Neighbours notified the owner of the now damaged car that someone had driven into the car and drove off towards town.

Sector 5 Community Policing Forum members searched for the white car and finally found it and its passengers, including the alleged teenage driver, in the central business district where they then took the driver to the police station, where they were allegedly told that nothing could be done.

Sector 5 members alerted Mogale City’s Traffic Department, but also to no avail. The members learned that the older man, allegedly intoxicated, was the father of the teenage driver.

The News is still awaiting comment from Krugersdorp police and the traffic department and will keep readers updated.

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Chantelle Fourie

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