[PHOTOS] All ‘hail’ broke loose in Krugersdorp

Entrances to Key West were closed after a section of the mall's roof collapsed.

Key West Shopping Center was evacuated after Mother Nature’s destruction caused a section of the mall’s roof to collapse.

Community Policing Forum members from various sectors along with Mogale City’s Emergency Management Services (EMS) and Public Safety were called to Key West after a section of the roof collapsed at around 4pm.


A shopper took this photo shortly after the roof collapsed. Photo: Facebook.

Shortly thereafter ambulance services also arrived to help assist those that might be hurt. Shoppers and staff members were evacuated out of the shopping center as the roof above The Hub collapsed.

It is alleged that the ceiling above Milky Lane started sagging as well. The News was made aware that only one person was injured in the incident.

The roof near The Hub in Key West which collapsed shortly after a heavy hail storm hit Krugersdorp.

The roof near The Hub in Key West which collapsed shortly after a heavy hail storm hit Krugersdorp.

Considered to be one of the biggest hail storms in Krugersdorp in years saw many residents take cover at nearby garages, under cover parking lots at shopping malls and even Silverstar Casino.

Residents anticipated a huge thunderstorm as dark clouds started gathering around 3pm this afternoon.


Suddenly the thunderstorm took a turn for the worse when big pieces of hail continuously kept falling. Mpumalanga residents driving through Krugersdorp decided to stop at Silverstar after the skies erupted with hail.

“I have never seen hail as big as rocks,” the woman who chose to stay anonymous, said.

Roads flooded after a super hail storm hits Krugersdorp,

Roads flooded after a massive hail storm hits Krugersdorp.

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To view more photos of the collapsed roof, click here.

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