Keep children out of service delivery protests

Gauteng West District Education Department Director Dr Peter Skosana (middle row) and Tom Mojela (fifth in front row) with pupils from various Mogale City schools. Photo by Sipho None.

The Gauteng West District Education Department is calling on all community and political parties not to involve pupils in service delivery protests.

The Department Director Dr Peter Skosana pleaded with residents and parents to allow pupils to learn and “leave politics outside the schools premises during service delivery protests”.

Skosana was addressing educators, parents, business people and school governing body members during the stakeholder meeting held recently in the Banquet Hall at the Mogale City Town Hall. Skosana’s plea came after a series of violent service delivery protest that interrupted the teaching process.

Various protests took place in Kagiso near Krugersdorp and Bekkersdal near Randfontein.

“We have seen pupils as young as six years old taking part in looting foreigner-owned shops as well as burning down their schools. If pupils are taking part in violent protest we need to ask ourselves how long is it going to take our educators to cover the time lost,” Skosana said.

“In this era, politics must stay out of our schools so that young people can be equipped to pass matric and either go to university or be trained as technicians.”

The Gauteng West District gained national recognition for being the best performing District in the country as was reflected in 2014 matric results. Gauteng West District notched 92,7 per cent followed by the Tshwane South District scoring 87 per cent.

Skosana attributed the success of the district to the level of commitment among stakeholders.

“We are proud to have come so far and managed to achieve this mark,” Skosana said.

“We attribute the success of our district to teamwork, skills and cooperation among the district officials and community stakeholders. Our officials, principals and pupils are well qualified in management and leadership roles, as well as various subjects and fields,” he added.

Sipho None

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