Angry mob attacks and necklaces two men

Pic: Google Images.

Emergency services personnel and members of the Sector 3 Community Policing Forum watched in disgust when angry residents took the law into their own hands.

It is believed the outraged residents performed a so-called necklacing ritual on the two victims in the heart of Munsieville after stoning and beating them late last night – Sunday 4 January. The attackers placed a vehicle tyre around each of the assaulted victims’ necks and set it alight for them to burn to death.

The identity of the two victims are still unknown but they are believed to be in their late 20s.

“We have lost all trust in the justice system,” an upset bystander who witnessed the aftermath of the community’s actions said to the news.

“Rapists are taken to court and released soon afterwards because the judges can not convict them due to a lack of evidence. We are tired of the crime in the community.”

Over a hundred people stood on the pavement chanting and commenting as Netcare 911 personnel attended to the second suspect who sustained serious stab and burn wounds.

It was suggested by various eyewitnesses that one of the victims had been taken to a nearby hospital earlier in a critical condition after the attackers allegedly attempted to amputate his legs before setting him alight.

Both suspects are said to be in a stable but critical condition.

CPF members assisted emergency services by directing them to and from the crime scene.

The reason for the attack is unknown.

Marizka Coetzer

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