Domestic Employment Wanted

OTILIA Requries domestic employment for Mon, Wed and Fri. Has references. 073‑023‑7754 / 076‑246‑8506 - TY017091

NKATEKO Requires domestic work on a full / part-time basis. Requires accommodation. 073‑594‑9715 - TY017066

GINA Requires full-time domestic employment without accomodations. 082‑216‑7312 - SV005550

ANNA Requires domestic employment on a full time basis. Has references. 078‑502‑6730 - SV005565

PAULINAH Seeks part time domestic work, Mon, Wed & Fri. Has reference. 073‑464‑6182 - SD014951

MARTHA (MWN) seeks domestic work part/ full-time. Ref 084‑586‑2998/ 072‑120‑6142. Direct 078‑335‑2940 - SI053712

FUNEKA requires full time domestic employment. Has valid references. 078‑336‑7532 - ML025020

ANGEL requires part-time domestic work for Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat, with/ without accomm. Has refs. 078‑550‑4633 - ML025048

UNATHI Seeks full or part-time domestic work. Live in or out. References available. 078‑269‑2891 - LW041476

SOPHY Requires domestic employment on a full-time or part- time basis. 078‑527‑6466 - LW041479