Local sport

Captain Charisma knocked out his opponent during the first round. Photo by Nick Lourens.

Captain Charisma makes a come-back

Thato ‘Captain Charisma’ Bonokoane made a big come-back when he knocked out his opponent in the first round of a scheduled six-round match.
A group of teachers watching their peers play a game of chess. 
Photo: Tsogo Sun

Kings of chess get together

“The programme intentionally links chess principles to life skills and it’s working towards improving the educational performance of many children.”
Airsoft is accurately reproduced weapons, more strategy and tactics, teamwork and creativity. It is an honour-based sport where almost anything goes – just as in real war. Photo: Submitted.

New adventure sport sweeps the nation

On 26 November at the Baltic Silo at an old Krugersdorp mine, on the outskirts of town, an Airsoft Charity Game, Wings of Mercy, will be hosted.