The West Rand Trio Task Team recovered this unlicensed firearm from one of the addresses.  
Photo: Krugersdorp SAPS

Police nab safe bombing suspects

“The task team will ensure that those who terrorise our community are arrested and convicted.”
File photo

Police excel during the festive season

In Tarlton, police made 11 arrests during the New Year’s weekend alone for crimes ranging from rape and drunk driving to illegal mining.
A vehicle similar to this one was stolen by the four suspects this morning as they made a run for it. 
Photo: supplied.

Four suspects having a ‘blast’ in DIY

A second suspect shoved explosives into the gap around the safe door. The suspects then scattered. A short pause was followed by a major explosion.
File picture.

Dimwitted robbers caught in the act

The suspects then tried to steal the trucks on the premises, but were unable to start them. Meanwhile, a third suspect got scared when confronted by police and confessed to the robbery.
Tartlon Police disposed of 290 marijuana plants after discovering them in a field in Tarlton. 
Photo: Tarlton Police

Police discover 290 dagga plants

Tarlton Police decided to dispose of the plants to ensure the public is not exposed to this ‘gateway drug’.