Mini war zone as protesters fire back

Residents of Munsieville ready to fight back as the Red Ants gather to move into the chaotic scene.

A sea of red lined up to enter Munsieville as angry protesters set up various obstacles such as burning tyres, rocks and other debris as they riot for electricity.

Somewhat 150 Red Ants officials, local police officers and members of the Mogale City Electricity Department met early on 19 February to strategise how they were to enter the chaotic scene created by protesters.

Somewhat 150 Rad Ants gather to enter Munsieville.

Somewhat 150 Rad Ants gather to enter Munsieville.

The Red Ants is a multi-disciplinary company offering services in the Agriculture Sector, Build Environment, Farming, Security and Sanitation. The company was founded by local entrepreneurs to support the social, economic and infrastructure development requirements of South Africa.

The residents took matters in their own hands and started protesting after their electricity had been off for almost four days. The irate and angry residents from Munsieville closed off a section of Van Riebeeck Street, which included access to Laerskool Protearif.

As the officials of the Mogale City Electricity Department made their way to Munsieville, the residents cheered and whistled to welcome them to the area.

Protesters took their frustrations out on the police who used two Nyalas to make way for the Red Ants and municipal officials to disconnect the illegal electricity connections and switch Munsieville extension 4’s electricity back on.

It is believed that an illegal connection to an electricity pole blew a circuit breaker leaving the whole of extension 4 without electricity for days.

“Emotions on Facebook and other electronic media were running high and with the current violent state of the weekends’ demonstrations, however, it is with great relieve that we can report to the public that the white informal settlers living in the area are safe and sound.

Mogale City's Electricity Deparment disconnects the illegal electricity connections.

Mogale City’s Electricity Department disconnects the illegal electricity connections.

“The riot over the powerless area quickly turned into an emotional roller-coaster when people were lead to believe that the demonstration was in fact a racial issue with black residents attacking and intimidating the white settlers. It is sad that a serious matter like this was blown out of proportion and portrayed a completely different story to the unsuspecting public,” Amanda de Lange, Freedom Front Plus leader for the West Rand region, said.

Councillor De Lange confirmed that she is in constant contact with the local police, Red Ants, other ward councillors and media who are all monitoring the situation.

An armed Red Ants official keeps a Mogale City Electricity Department official safe as he disconnects an illegal connection.

An armed Red Ants official keeps a Mogale City Electricity Department official safe as he disconnects an illegal connection.

It has been confirmed by numerous stakeholders that the white informal settlers were never targeted or part of the demonstrations, one person was slightly injured and did not require medical attention.

De Lange further states that the municipality is attending to the demands of the residents of Munsiville.

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